Yummy Mummies

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If you are a House Rules tragic like me than you have no doubt seen the trailers for the new show Yummy Mummies on channel seven.

I’m so excited and repulsed at the same time to watch this show.

WTF on so may levels though, like seriously!!!

I just can’t even begin to imagine the casting process for this show. 

But then … when I had my first baby on Sydney’s Northern Beaches over 11 years ago at our mothers group one of the mums decided to call her kid Avalon. We all actually lived in the suburb of Avalon and they drove an Avalon car … I’m guessing they really loved the word Avalon 😐

Back to the Yummy Mummies show though and I’m all levels of confused. Like who actually goes on a show like this? And more importantly how much do they pay??? Lol!

I can see a whole bunch of Mummies (Yummy or not) ready to get their judgy mcjudgepants on when this show airs next week.

The biggest question is … will you be watching?



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