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how to win competitions and amazing prizesOk, so I can see you rolling your eyes, how can you possibly “Win A Better Life”?

Well, it depends what things would make your life better.

What would make your life better?

  • more money?
  • a holiday?
  • a trip of a lifetime?
  • your groceries paid for a year?
  • toys for your kids?
  • a kick start for your business?


What is it that would make your life better? I guarantee you that somewhere there is a competition that is offering a prize that could make your life better!

What would a $10,000 travel voucher mean to YOU?

To me it meant amazing experiences my family would NEVER have been able to have … a lifetime of saving would never have seen us experience the things we did!

That’s right … I won a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR travel voucher a couple years ago!!!

Now just think about that for a moment.

It wasn’t a $10,000 cheque, it was a travel voucher. If I had gotten that kind of money in cash I would have bought a better car or paid off our bills, but a travel voucher meant we HAD to spend it on travel. We had no choice but to experience things people spend a lifetime saving for!

So what does a $10,000 travel voucher mean you can do? Here’s what we spent it on …

  • 8 nights in Fiji for a family of 5 including flights, accommodation, food, transfers. Total cost $5,500
  • 7 nights Lindeman Island for hubby and I (the kids stayed with the grand parents). All inclusive $2,300
  • Annual passes to ALL the theme parks on the Gold Coast for a family of 5 for an entire year. Total cost $800
  • 6 weekend short breaks at different hotels for all 5 of us spaced out over a year. Total cost $1,400

Now you’re thinking WOW how on Earth did she WIN that?!!!

Well, I bought 2 bottles of tomato sauce ($4 investment), kept my receipt, entered online, then crossed my fingers. Yep … 1, single entry!

3 weeks later we got an email that changed our lives! And you know the most amazing thing?

We didn’t even win 1st prize! This was SECOND prize!

Entering competitions is a super easy way to have a chance to win a better life. Sure you won’t win every competition you enter but the old saying is so true …

You Have Got To Be In It To Win It!!!!!

I am not a particularly lucky person but I am persistent and persistence pays off in the competition game. So next time you see a competition just enter it and maybe you will get that MWEM (mega winning email) or MWPC (mega winning phone call).

If you haven’t already checked out the WIN-WIN-WIN page right here on Broadcast Parenting then YOU are missing out on having a chance to win a better life!

What’s the best thing you’ve ever won? How did it change your life?



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