UnProfessional: How a 26 year old university dropout became a self-made millionaire

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Last year I took a punt on attending a business convention to which I was given a free ticket. It was called the UnConvention and after reading a bit about it I was hopeful that it would be more engaging and less chanting than some other conventions I have attended in the past.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of speakers and the genuine information that was being presented. I stayed the entire 10 hour convention and even managed to get myself invited to the meet and greet afterwards.

Not only did I learn a great deal about a new ‘UnProfessional’ way of doing business but I was also treated to an array of amazing speakers who have done it themselves. The headline speaker and founder of the UnConvention was Jack Delosa, a self made millionaire at the age of 24. A very approachable guy who provides you the tools to see your own business, customers and marketing in a fresh new light.

If you ever get the chance to attend one of the UnConventions then I whole heartedly recommend you do – there are often free tickets available but they go fast!

If you can’t wait for the next UnConvention or just want to have an understanding for yourself some ways in which you can implement a fresh new way of thinking about how to improve your business, or better still if you are just setting out on starting a new business then Jack Delosa’s new book is for you!

UnProfessional How a 26 year old university dropout became a self-made millionaire

Jack Delosa is a young Australian entrepreneur and self-made millionaire who presents a counterintuitive guide to succeeding in today’s business world.

To be unprofessional is not to be disrespectful. It is not to be reckless or lazy. It is not to be unpunctual, badly presented or poorly spoken.

To be unprofessional is to be real. It is to create a vision that is unborrowed from the past. It is to develop products that genuinely ‘wow’ your audience. It is to think of marketing strategies that the management consultants don’t have diagrams or buzz words for yet. It is to think original thoughts and speak of proactive ideas that haven’t yet been documented in the academic playbooks.

At just 26 years old, Jack Delosa knows more than you’d expect about business and entrepreneurship. A self-made millionaire by 24, Delosa is an award-winning entrepreneur and educator who has built several start-ups into successful thriving businesses. In UnProfessional, Delosa reflects on his business adventures and offers practical how-to advice on topics such as becoming a market leader on a shoestring budget, becoming the go-to person in your industry to win more business faster, how to manage and lead other people toward your vision and why it’s important to fail fast.

The business world has changed. What worked in the past will not work today. Offering a fresh perspective on the challenges of starting and running a successful business, UnProfessional is an ideal guide for Australia’s current crop of forward-thinking entrepreneurs of any age.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1          Introduction

Chapter 2          Step 1: Identify Your Vision

Chapter 3          Step 2: Start Before You’re Ready

Chapter 4          Step 3: Build an Attraction Model

Chapter 5          Step 4: Get Over Your Fear of Selling

Chapter 6          Step 5: Become Number One Online

Chapter 7          Step 6: Manage and Lead

Chapter 8          Step 7: Know Your Numbers

Chapter 9          Step 8: Play The Bigger Game

Chapter 10         It’s Your Revolution

This book was published on 1st March 2014 and in only two weeks is already #2 on the Best Seller list right under The Wolf of Wall Street!

Forget what you think you know about doing business and get Unprofessional now!

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