Travelling with a big family

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I love travelling! Short stays, long stays, and everything in between! But when you are travelling with a big family, having 4 children, your option are limited when everything seems to cater only to the 2+2 as a ‘standard’ family.

holidays with kids

If you are like us then you never caught the camping bug or you simply feel camping with young children is too stressful to deal with.

We used to take heaps of short breaks when we had 2 kids … then along came our third and we started to struggle to find accommodation that would fit us or were forced to pay for an additional room for our infant who slept in our bed anyway 🙁

Fast forward a few more years and with our latest addition we are now a family of 2 adults and 4 kids and finding places to stay is like finding a 20oz gold nugget in a kids playground.

Travelling with a big family is fun but also hard and expensive.

Time is something we don’t have much of. I’m not keen on pulling the kids out of school for a getaway, but I’m also not adverse to it. If we can have an awesome family experience that happens to fall in a school term that we can afford then so be it, but as hubby works long hours that can be an issue in and of itself.

As anyone with kids knows, travelling in school holidays is premium pricing. So it makes sense to take those family vacays out side of holidays but that also means biting into the school term and some schools frown upon this.

With our oldest in his last year of primary school it is even more important to ensure he is there for as much of the school year as possible.

So what do you do when you are travelling with a big family but need to cater to everyones individual needs in their day to day life as well as balancing real world experience and family holiday magic?

Short breaks!

But even short breaks have their limitations. I’ve found that of the few and far between places that actually cater to travelling with a big family they also predominately have minimum stays 🙁 That’s an issue if you can only find a night or two to steal away. And when you’re paying upwards of $150 minimum a night it gets exy very quickly!

We’ve had some amazing weekends away lately travelling with a big family and I will write about them to share what we have experienced.

I’d love to hear about any family friendly places you’ve stayed and any tips and tricks for travelling with a big family too.

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