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So you finally have some time and a holiday destination in mind, you have probably been saving for a while and now you need to get down to the logistics of travelling either as a family, couple, group or a single.

If you are only going a short distance from home then you will likely just drive, but what about if you plan on travelling further afield? Travelling long distances with children (or without) is hard and expensive! If you choose to drive then you will need to ensure you have your road side assistance up to date – just in case. Or perhaps you have a car that is better suited to short drives, so decide to hire a car.

There are many options when hiring cars and it will serve you well to check out individual car hire websites for offers and discounts. If you are a member of an auto club (think RACQ, NRMA, RACV, etc) you may well find that you are entitled to additional discounts and offers. You should also check any other memberships you hold as there may be savings to be had that you didn’t know were available!

You can also opt for the quicker route by flying but you will need to plan well ahead for the extra expense. It is not just the cost of flights but also transport to and from airports, parking or hire car and insurance (both car and travel). If you have children under 2 years old you will find they fly free on most domestic Australian routes, but if you have older children even just over the age of 2 they will be occupying a seat at the full cost.

Accommodation options are varied and wide ranging catering to every budget and taste. A consideration when looking at preferred lodgings should be what you want from your holiday. If you want to spend the majority of your time relaxing at a resort or well stocked hotel then the location matters little, but if you are looking for more of an experience with your break then you should spend more time looking at the surrounding facilities and access to memorable adventures!

When considering your holiday you should estimate what you expect the trip to cost you then double it! This will ensure that you will cover all the bases and possibly even return home with money to spare. No matter how you look at it, taking a step out of the usual is going to cost you. But taking some time to plan and having a clear idea of what you want from your break will make sure that you enjoy every second of your holiday and return to your life renewed and energised and feeling it was money well spent!

What was the best holiday you have had?



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