Should Sick Children Be Kept Home?

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sick kidI’m about to have a rant …


It’s that time of year when everyone and their dog are getting sick. The flu (whilst not as bad as in previous years) is doing the rounds and that means schools, kindy’s and day care centres are ground zero for the distribution of these nasty germs.

And whilst I do understand that every little sniffle shouldn’t cause your family to go into lock down, there are some circumstances where you just need to accept defeat, tuck your little ones up in bed and let their body rest and fight off the Winter invaders.




I am mighty annoyed right now!

Having just come from taking my youngest to kindy and staying for their little book week parade in front of the other class I was horrified to see another mother grabbing her precious little princess and proceeding to administer both Nurofen AND cough and cold medication.

Now don’t get me wrong … I don’t have an issue with parents giving their child medication to make them feel better but for the love of anything worth loving KEEP YOUR CHILD HOME!

If they are so sick that you need to pump them full of pharmacy medications then they are so sick that they need to be home! I don’t appreciate you bringing your sick, coughing, green snot dribbling, pale, sickly looking child to kindy to infect all the other children and the wonderful teachers who do such a fantastic job caring for and educating our kids!

I get it … you didn’t want your little princess to miss out on ‘dress up day’. Well, guess what … it happens!

It’s unfortunate when these things happen on a special day but it happens, and now it’s likely to mean that by next week it will be happening to my child or countless other people’s children because of your decision.

Thank you for being so considerate of your child’s needs that you put her ‘need’ to spend the day in a princess outfit above her real need to be in a nice comfy bed to sleep off the sick!

Heck, you could have dressed her up in a princess outfit and she could have slept in that all day and she probably would have been happier than what she looked at kindy.




Ok, rant over. But seriously … should sick children be kept home? What do you think?


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