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Get your kids engaged in learning and utilise technology for good (discovering) not evil (zoning out).

Have you heard of the show Scope?

scope csiro science for kids

About the Show

SCOPE THIS OUT: Science is everywhere!

Scope is a fast, funny and informative children’s science show, aimed at kids ages 8-14, and produced in association with the CSIRO.

Each week, Scope turns the ordinary… into the extraordinary, by exploring the science behind such diverse topics as Extreme Sports, Human Body, Animal Intelligence, and Future Transport.

The show is hosted by science guru Dr Rob Bell and stories are presented by a range of experts – from acclaimed university researchers to factory engineers, passionate zookeepers and elite sportspeople – giving the audience a personalised view of the scientific world.

Each episode is crammed full of new and interesting scientific facts and cool experiments that our audience can try out at home.

On air since 2005, with over 240 episodes produced so far, Scope was created to demystify the world of science and technology, and make it relevant, accessible and above all fascinating to a young audience.

The Team

  • Scope Dr Rob BellDr Rob Bell
  • Scope Ted PetrieTed Petrie

With episodes and experiments available online for free you can help expand your child’s thinking and get them interested in the science that surrounds us. Why not watch an episode with your kids then try out some of the cool experiments for yourselves?!

Watch the Scope episode all about Zinc below.

Keep up-to-date with Scope on Facebook or watch episodes online for free.

Dr. Rob – Bio

The term Mad Scientist may well be appropriate for CSIRO’s Dr Robert Bell – he is ‘mad’ about the environment and will destroy a perfectly good hair day to explain humidity, or eat 100?s of chocolate biscuits to explain earthquakes and tsunamis. A zany and dedicated scientist, Dr Rob gives his all to uncovering & explaining the ways and whys of our ever amazing world.

Growing up on a Pineapple farm on the Sunshine Coast, Rob became passionate about the environment and in particular the impact humans have on it and its resources.

Dr Rob, achieved his Bachelor of Science with Honours at the University of Queensland.

Currently, Dr Rob is a Science Education Officer for the CSIRO, enticing and educating our young minds in the many and varied fields of science. Day-to-day work requires Rob to plan for and teach students in the lab as well as out at schools with fun experiments for kids from Years 1 to 12.

Above bio from the Scope Facebook ‘About’ page.




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