School Holiday Activities For Kids

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With the Christmas holidays bearing down upon us the excitement of no more school runs, homework battles, and lunch packing is quickly making way for the realisation that our kids will be home for the next 6 weeks!

The first couple weeks are generally easy because there is still so much to do with parties, enjoying the Summer sun, and general chill out time after a long year of learning and growing. But after the holiday festivities die down, and the kids get in each others ears, there comes a point when you really need to consider some school holiday activities for kids to keep them occupied (and maintain your own sanity) until the school bell rings once more in January.

Short of allowing the kids to be consumed with technology there are plenty of free or cheap options available to make some great memories and keep the kids active and excited through the holidays.

If you can’t even think where to start with finding free or cheap activities for kids, below is a list of places that you should start looking at now so that you can fill up the calendar with awesome stuff for the kids. Now, I don’t by any means think that every day should be filled to the brim, on the contrary I think kids should spend most of their holidays outdoors playing, riding, scooting, climbing, swimming etc! But it is a good idea to get sorted now with a once a week activity that wont break the bank and will provide something out of the ordinary for the kids.

So, where can you find free or cheap school holiday activities for kids?

  • Local Libraries always offer free school holiday events, check out your local library website or pop in and ask if they have a calendar of events.
  • Check your local council website for activities and often they have a list of free or cheap events for kids.
  • Local community groups like the PCYC or YMCA often have a range of low cost activities on offer and even drop and go sports type day camps.
  • Shopping centres are awesome for free or cheap activities, especially for the younger members of the family. Sometimes you’ll need to book a time so check out their websites or visit centre management.
  • Museums are great to get out of the Summer heat and let the kids explore whilst learning – and you can make note of anything they seem super interested in to plan activities at home. If your little (or big) kid takes a liking to dinosaurs why not follow that up another day by making some toilet roll binoculars, packing a picnic lunch, and heading out on a pretend dinosaur exploration – actually if you go bird watching technically you kind of are on a dinosaur hunt 😉 Or maybe if your kids enjoy the sea creature exhibits you could do a day trip to the beach to wander around the low lying rocks and look for living creatures, take some photos of the creatures you find and then look each of them up to find out exactly what they are!
  • You can’t beat the park or a beach for school holiday activities for kids, just remember to check the parking to make sure you don’t get hit with a fine for overstaying your welcome.
  • Finally, you have the good old play dates … why not take turns with some friends having the kids over to each other’s homes?! It will provide a couple hours for you to have to yourself, but just make sure that no domestic duties are done by you in this time … it may be the only 2 hours of quiet you get for the next 6 weeks!

So there you have it … some free or cheap ideas and places to search for ideas of school holiday activities for kids.

Do you have any great ideas to share that keep the kids occupied during the holidays?



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