Same Sex Mail Vote – Glitter Threat

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With Australia divided about the $122 million that’s about to be spent on a non binding postal vote about same sex marriage, one Facebook user has had a status go viral!

With over 12,000 shares already

This post by Sam Chamberlain might well see a glitter threat come to fruition. I do have to feel sorry for the poor people who get to open these letters though, they will be finding glitter for the next 10 years eek!

Props to Sam for putting out an epic idea that will at least give people a good laugh at the thought 🙂

Same sex marriageMarriage equality
It’s time for Australia to move forward. If you’re over 18 you should be able to marry any other person over the age of 18 regardless of your sex, gender, or faith. 

This whole thing is getting old, there is no need for a should they/shouldn’t they vote. It’s not illegal to be in a same sex relationship, infact you can be a de facto same sex couple so why not let those who choose to wed do so?

I might be missing something but I really don’t understand why people are so against it!



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