Relieving End To Terrifying Kidnapping

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You arrive home after running errands. As you pull your car up to your house you are asked for help from a stranger who’s car has broken down outside your home. The stranger lied. In seconds he’s driving away in your car … with your 7 month old baby still in the car!

This did not happen to you today but just yesterday it did happen to a mother in the suburb of Ngunnawal in Canberra’s northern suburbs.

baby safe after carjacking

Words could not describe the terror this mother would have felt!

She had tried to help another person, but instead became the victim of a callus car jacking that included the unimaginable kidnapping of her child.

For two long hours police searched the suburbs around Canberra and thankfully the 7 month old baby was found safe on the porch of a residence in the baby capsule just 1km from where the car which the baby was in was stolen from.

The man who stole the car is thought to have fled on foot after leaving the baby. Police are yet to make any arrests but the offender has been described as being male, of slim build, caucasian in appearance and aged in his 20s.

Police say the man may be affected by drugs and are warning the public not to approach him. Anyone with information should call ACT Policing on 131 444.

I am so very glad to hear that this poor mother has been reunited with her unharmed child. She will no doubt suffer from the trauma of the days events for many years to come. It would be completely understandable if she never trusted or helped a stranger again.

It is so sad that selfish individuals think themselves so entitled, hard done by, or just plain wanting that they simply take what they will without thought of the consequences to those whom they are committing a crime against.

The only saving grace in this story is that he most likely did not intend to kidnap a child when he callously stole this mothers car, and presumably once he realised there was a 7 month old in a capsule in the car he stopped, removed the child from the car then fled on foot.

I hope he turns himself in to the police to at very least show some remorse to this poor family.

Does a story like this make you question if you would help a stranger? Comment below.



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