Private Schools Cheaper Than Day Care!

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You read right, an article published on the Sydney Morning Herald website has done the sums and spoken to a number of families and what they have discovered is shocking … private schools cheaper than day care!

When you add up the cost of the daily rate of day care then look at that figure agains the annual private school fees, they found in a number of cases that it was actually cheaper to send a child to private school than to continue with day care. This realisation has seen a push by some families to consider sending their child to private school earlier than they may have done if cost wasn’t an issue.

The reality is that for some families the $100 per day cost of child care is significantly more expensive than a whole year of private school tuition.

From the SMH website;

And the soaring costs, which can be as high as $32,000 a year, are convincing some parents to start their children’s private primary school education earlier than they had intended because they are so used to paying childcare fees.

Fees for childcare are edging towards $170 a day, with Sally’s Place in Mosman charging $168 for children aged up to two, while Only About Children centres in Rose Bay, Mosman and Cammeray charge $160 a day for babies.

If a baby was enrolled in one of those centres full-time, a parent could pay as much as $32,000 a year in fees even after receiving the federal government’s non-means tested $7500 rebate.

This compares with fees for year 12 at some of Sydney’s most exclusive private schools including SCEGGS ($32,179), Ascham ($31,700), Cranbrook ($31,116) and Sydney Grammar School ($30,240).

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When you consider the annual cost of child care that parents are already paying, it stands to reason that if it is an equivalent cost they may well continue to pay the fees and have their child attend a private school of their choosing.

Have you considered the current cost of child care you pay when considering sending your child to a private vs public school?

Would you rather continue to pay the high fees of child care annual costs and transition into a private school or save the money and live a more comfortable life financially?



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