Parenting Win

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It’s 9:15 am and it’s official … I’ve had my first parenting win of the new school term.

3 big kids dressed, fed, packed, brushed, cleaned, cuddled AND arriving at school BEFORE the bell. 1 little kid fed, read to, cuddled AND cleaned after a poosplosion, yet we still got her brothers to school BEFORE the bell.

Dishwasher unpacked, repacked and turned on (this part should be a given but it’s easily overlooked in a perpetual state of baby induced sleep deprivation). And a load of washing turned on – although this was a bit of a cheat as I only had to put more power in and turn on the load of washing that’s been sitting in the machine since Saturday because I forgot to put it in the dryer … Still counts though!

And as I sit here with little Miss on my lap she’s yawning and rubbing her eyes and I’m internally high fiving myself ✋️ because I’ve had a parenting win of a morning.

Ducks in a row parenting win

Yep, that’s ducks in a row cause that’s how I feel the morning has gone!

Now to see if I can replicate this morning for the next 10 weeks of the school term 😂



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