Octavia Orange – Provider of sandwiches and tasty bowls of fruit

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Octavia Orange aka Mum/Mummy/MUUUUUUM – Provider of sandwiches and tasty bowls of fruit!

Providing food for hungry kids makes me feel closer to the countless generations of foremothers that performed the same task before me. Except, you know, instead of antelope meat and foraged berries it’s sandwiches cut into amusing shapes and bite-sized chunks of supermarket fruit served on dinosaur-themed tableware.

Billy (coming over to me, still bleary eyed after his midday nap): “Hi Mum!”

Me (putting my laptop down): “Hello my darling! What would you like for lunch?”

Billy (considering this): “Mmmm a peanut butter sammich please. With nutella…”

Me: “Okay, sounds goo…”

Billy (crisply): “…and some orange too. In a little bowl please…”

Me: “Ahh, yes that’ll be fi…”

Billy (fixing me with his gimlet eye): “And some grapes in there too. Please.”

Me: “I’m sure I can manage that….”

Billy (patting my shoulder): “Thanks Mum, good girl!”

Me: “You’re, ah, welcome….”


What are your kids like when they put in their food requests?



Octavia Orange

Octavia Orange

I’m a solo Mum to Sam (6), Rose (4) and Billy (3) (all little humans) as well as Harry and Millicent (cats). I’m also happily working on a Criminology and Criminal Justice degree and pursuing my life goal of becoming a Crazy Cat Lady. What I lack in sleep and free time I try to make up for in enthusiasm!

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