No it’s not the zombie apocalypse it’s just ParkRun

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This is a community announcement … no it’s not the zombie apocalypse it’s just parkrun!

Anyone that knows me knows 2 things;

1) I’m not a morning person (despite being woken up a thousand times a night by a 1 year old who refuses to sleep)


2) I don’t run (and if you see me running then you had better run too and faster!)

So I felt the need to make this community announcement that tomorrow morning I will be running  and NO it is not a major world event, it’s just me stepping out of my comfort zone lol!

For months a very good friend of mine has said I should come but I’ve made every excuse not to but I realised it’s time to bite the bullet and join parkrun.

I told hubby as much the other day, basically saying “the 4 kids are your issue Saturday morning” but to my surprise he replied “I think I’d like to do it too!” #WTF lol!

So there you go, it’s gone from me pushing past being a pansie to our whole family taking part in parkrun tomorrow morning at the fresh time of 7am.

I actually found myself getting into the whole thing and not only did I print each of our barcodes for time scoring but also laminated them AND put them each on lanyards #winning

Having only just coerced my youngest into actually sitting in the stroller for more than 5 minutes at a time it’ll be interesting to see how much she protests to being strapped in for as long as it takes me to finish a 5k (which honestly could be pushing an hour … eek!)

I’ve been assured that whilst it’s called “ParkRun” anyone can infact walk/run/jog it and go at their own pace 🙂

If you’re not familiar with parkrun, it’s a FREE volunteer run event held around the world every Saturday morning (check out more info here )

Let’s be honest, we can all use a little more outdoor time and if you can get your kids involved all the better! Kids from 4 years can register and it’s open to all 🙂

Do you parkrun?



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