Mid-year School holidays

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School Holiday SurvivalMid Year School Holidays – the long and the short of it.


Day 1: Trip to playground #1. Take photos of happy playing children. Feel optimistic. Enjoy all that fresh air and sunshine!


Day 2: Trip to playground #2. Feel confident about one’s ability to make it through to the new school term.


Day 3: Trip to playground #3. Break up potential fisticuffs between children over who has the cutest imaginary platypus.


Day 4: Trip to playground #4. Try to motivate self to spend another hour pushing various children on the swings.


Day 5: Arms are stiff from Excessive Swing Assistance, go to cinema instead of playground. Sneak cheap treats into movie, pretend you have no idea what your 3 year old is saying when he clearly informs the lady at the ticket counter that you have delicious supermarket cookies hidden in your bag.


Day 6: Trip to playground #5. Find one without swings. Forbid any games involving cute fictitious monotremes.


Day 7: Start to lose count of playgrounds. And days.


Day 8 (or 9?): The children have staged a hostile takeover of the living room. Manage to pry them out and herd them to playground approx. #13.




Day 13: Notice someone has decapitated a plush pig and set its head on a spike in the lounge. Pretend you didn’t see that. Trip to playground #5693.


Day 14: Think ahead to the long summer holidays. Weep.


Day 15: BACK TO SCHOOL. Contain unseemly joy so the kids don’t feel bad. Do a little dance when they aren’t watching. High-five the other parents.


How have the holidays treated you and your kids?



Octavia Orange

Octavia Orange

I’m a solo Mum to Sam (6), Rose (4) and Billy (3) (all little humans) as well as Harry and Millicent (cats). I’m also happily working on a Criminology and Criminal Justice degree and pursuing my life goal of becoming a Crazy Cat Lady. What I lack in sleep and free time I try to make up for in enthusiasm!

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