Meet Jayne Swanson – Owner of Printing Brisbane

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This week’s Business Spotlight: meet Jayne Swanson, owner of Printing Brisbane.

Jayne Swanson Printing BrisbaneMy name is Jayne Swanson, I am the owner of the printing broking business Printing Brisbane (, and I am oddly passionate about business cards and flyers and such things!

Printing Brisbane was not originally created with the intention of being the perfect work-at-home business. However, it has turned out to be the perfect business to be run from a home with two very busy and loud little boys!
At this point it makes sense to explain exactly what it is we do. Printing Brisbane is a print broker. We don’t do any of the actual printing ourselves, but we work with printers all around the country who specialise in different products. We find the best deal and the best product for our clients’ needs and supervise the entire printing process. Nicely summarised by our motto ‘Solutions, quality, efficiency’.

How things began
I started the business in November 2006 as an employee of an office supplies business, Office Local ( Through them and with them, I did the necessary training and started to build a great print broking business from scratch. Over the next four years, along with other internal and external roles (including business copywriting, franchise development and marketing) Office Local and I grew the business year after year.

Then, in early 2011 I fell (happily!) pregnant with my first child. It was my intention all along to have a few months off after the birth of the baby, and then pop the little darling into daycare and get back to work. As it turned out, I experienced the same thing that many new mums experience… I didn’t particularly want to go back to work… I didn’t particularly want to put Alex into daycare. So, I didn’t!

Again, happily, Office Local were very accommodating and I set up an office at home so I could run just the printing division of their business. This arrangement worked so well that I had another little boy, Ben, in early 2013.

Printing Brisbane websiteHow the business became my own

Then, in late 2013, Office Local offered to sell to me the printing business. I snapped up the opportunity and am now the very proud, and busy owner of a very good print broking business, Printing Brisbane Pty Ltd.

How things are now
My boys go to daycare several days a week, an arrangement which suits us all beautifully. I work like a demon on the daycare days, and on the other days I try to stick to just the essentials and have as much fun time with them as I can before I start to wave them off to school in the next few years.

Time with kidsI am sooooo busy, and work most evenings too. But, I do usually manage to avoid working on the weekends and we make a special effort to have family time.

I enjoy my work, I love the intricacies of graphic design, I really enjoy helping customers find the best print process and paper stock for their particular jobs. I am always keeping an eye out for new products and the learning process never ends. 8 years later, and I am not bored of printing business cards, booklets, posters and flyers for my customers. How crazy is that!?

How do I see the future

Business is busy, but nowhere near as busy as it will be in the next 6-12 months. I have BIG plans, and can’t wait to see things take shape. The goal is to triple in size over the next 12 months, and then maybe it will be time for me to find some other work at home mums who might be in a position to be a part of Printing Brisbane. Watch this space!

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Written by Jayne Swanson, owner, Printing Brisbane Pty Ltd
Ph: 07 3208 5649
Printing Brisbane website



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