Learning Is Hard Work

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learning is hard work for kidsRosie started school this year, at the grand old age of 4 (4 years and 9 months, whereas Sam was 5 and a half when he started last year, thanks Queensland…). She absolutely adores it, especially getting to make friends with some other little girls instead of the horde of boys she usually socialises with. Sometimes though, all that learning proves to be very intense:





Rosie (curled up on the couch on my lap, reading a homework book to me): “I go in the car. I go in the bus.”

Me (with my arm around her): “Great job!”

Rosie (carefully pointing to each word and picture with her finger): “I go in the train. I go in the boat. Finished!”

Me (hugging her): “That was awesome! Do you want to read another one?”

Rosie (flopping dramatically backwards): “No Mumma! My brain is SO FULL. It might EXPLODE!”

Me: “That’s fine, go and do something relaxing instead!”

Rosie (clutching her head): “And my brain robots might RUN AWAY! And I’d be a ZOMBIE. I’d have to eat Billy’s BRAINS!”

Me (cautiously patting her): “Um, really, it’s fine darling, go and do some drawing then….”

Rosie (looking slightly wild eyed): “Okay Mummy, thanks.”

Me: “No worries….”



Octavia Orange

Octavia Orange

I’m a solo Mum to Sam (6), Rose (4) and Billy (3) (all little humans) as well as Harry and Millicent (cats). I’m also happily working on a Criminology and Criminal Justice degree and pursuing my life goal of becoming a Crazy Cat Lady. What I lack in sleep and free time I try to make up for in enthusiasm!

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