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I am super excited to introduce to you an enterprising mum who has taken her passion and created an awesome business offering the most awesome (yes, it’s worth the double awesome!) shoes around!!! I was lucky enough to get a good look at a range of the shoes Jodie stocks and I just have to say the word “lust-worthy” comes to mind! Meet Jodie … owner of Kiss My Shoes!

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Hello my name is Jodie and I’m a shoe freak!! I have tried very hard not to be in the shoe world but can’t help myself – totally sucked in! I have always loved shoes and thought “why am I not selling them???”

Kiss My Shoes was named by my daughter who is my little 8 yr old stylist telling me what shoes go with what. The brands I have chosen are unique, funky, sexy and different … Just like me!

I run Kiss My Shoes from my home office during the day and work a normal job at night to fund my passion. Would love to have my own store front one day and am working towards that dream.

Exciting and a bit different, Kiss My Shoes sell 3 fantastic brands Taylorsays, Bettie Page & T.U.K

Host a shoe morning tea, get all your friends, family, mothers groups around for a cuppa and shoe showing. A great way to see the quality and check sizing.

Host incentives also available.
See the full catalouge on Facebook.

Contact Jodie for orders or any shoe questions:

Jodie Daley



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