Kindness Is Easy

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offer assistance first aid Taking a leap out of an article right here on Broadcast Parenting I hope I was able to make a difference today to one person’s life.

It wasn’t a grand gesture, or even anything more than I would hope someone else would have done for me, but the little bit of kindness I put out into the world today obviously meant a lot to Maurice, the man I helped.

An ‘after school drop off coffee catch up’ with a friend became more of a ‘do our shopping together whilst chatting’ kind of morning, and as I tend to talk way too much, Master 4 and I walked and talked to our friend who was parked on the other end of the car park before heading on our way back in the other direction.

Just as we started to make our way to our car we turned around to see an elderly gentleman crash down to the ground in the taxi rank. We rushed over to help him up as two other shoppers did the same. He had quite a lot of blood on his arm from what appeared to be a deep graze. Apparently the cab driver had driven off before he was clear of the car and he’d fallen quite hard down onto the asphalt.

Whilst one of the other shoppers helped him up I raced into the chemist to get either some help or bandages for his injuries. I asked one of the chemist staff if they had a first aid kit or could call centre management to help, she begrudgingly accommodated my request for her to get or call centre management so I could see if the man was ok. I asked if he minded if myself and Master 4 sat with him whilst he got help and he seemed glad for us caring.

With that, the other shoppers disappeared.

After 10 minutes of snail pace meandering by the centre management staffer – he who couldn’t work out how to open the ancient first aid kit let alone what to do with its contents, the Chemist came out and attended to the mans injury. It was obvious that this was an inconvenience to him but to his credit, he did bandage the elderly man up.

Whilst waiting and chatting to the man we discovered his name was Maurice and he had come to the shops to do only one thing, pop his lotto on – which he had not even done yet. Whilst blood trickled down his arm he seemed more concerned that the seat was starting to turn a shade of red. I noticed a little blood on his lip and I was more concerned for him he’d hurt himself in a few different places but couldn’t feel it yet.

Maurice was a bit shaky and still bleeding quite a bit so I asked if he wanted me to call an ambulance, he didn’t think it necessary, but he most certainly did need to see a doctor to clean out the injury as it had been only wrapped, not cleaned. Whilst everyone else had moved on I asked if I could drive him to his doctor. He was very touched by my offer and with that I brought the car around.

This was no more than I would hope someone would do for me if the roles were reversed. Before Master 4 and I departed the doctors surgery, after leaving Maurice in the care of the nursing staff, he asked that we keep in touch and gave me the address where him and his wife Mona live.

I think Master 4 and I will bake some muffins and take them round tomorrow to see how Maurice is doing. I hope the rest of his day goes better than the start. Oh, and we did help him get his lotto numbers in so I truly hope he has a nice win after such an unfortunate accident!

Kindness is easy if only we take the time.




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