Kid Free Holidays Yay Or Nay?

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I was skimming through the news headlines over my morning cup of coffee and a particular article nadia-bartel-criticised-for-going-on-holiday-without-her-son caught my attention.

Surely with a heading like this I assumed that there must be something more to the story that has some keyboard warriors up in arms.


This was just a mumma on holiday with her hubby enjoying an amazing holiday away and sharing her pics with her followers. But some holier than thou peeps decided they would rip into Nadia and criticise her for taking an overseas trip without her 2 year old.



Thankfully there were a lot of positive comments backing the blogger and telling her to enjoy the trip.

I guess with anything you do when you are in the public domain you do open yourself to differences in opinions but there is no need to harshly criticise someone for taking a holiday without their child.

This was not a newborn left to fend for itself, it was a 2 year old who was probably having the time of his life with a relative or trusted carer.

I, for one, am totally for child free holidays!!! In the 12 years since we welcomed our first child to the world (we now have 4) there’s probably only a handful of times my hubby and I have had a chance to sneak away for a weekend or longer to enjoy being a couple.

We love, love, love going away with our kids for weekends of adventure but there is something really special about spending time with just each other as adults.

themepark holiday
Family fun time

Life is so busy, and with no family in the State we live in we don’t get to go out for dinner without kids, or even spend any time together as just a couple. When we do actually get to have a break without the kids it is so freeing to be able to have no responsibility for a short while. Add to that, the cost of going away (especially overseas) is so much more affordable as a couple than as a family.

holiday without kids
Holidaying without kids helps you reconnect.

Taking a holiday without your child or children does not make you a bad parent or bad person. It’s also a holiday for the kids if they get to go to grandma and grandpa’s house and enjoy being a kid without mum and dad around.

I do wonder, those who so heavily criticised Nadia Bartel … is it jealousy that they have never been able to go on such a luxurious getaway? Or is it that their way of parenting is ‘right’ and anything that challenges their views gets shot down? Sure we all have our own views on family life but we really don’t need to rip someone to shreds because they are living their life their way.

What do you think? Have you ever holidayed without your kids (and loved/hated it?) or would you never even consider going away without your kids?



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