Instagram worthy dinner!

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Tonight I had the most amazing dinner … so amazing I not only thought it was Insta worthy, but also blog worthy!!!

Anniversary dinnerAs a mother of 4 kids under 12, having an Instagram worthy dinner is an absolute must every night of the week!
I mean, seriously, if you can’t be bothered making a meal that you can post to Instagram then you really need to reconsider your parenting skills.

If I can do it so can you.

No excuses!

It’s not as if I fed my brood sandwiches for dinner because we’ve out played cereal for dinner more nights than I can count.

Or the fact I’m eating dinner by myself at 9:30pm because by baby won’t go the F to sleep and hubby is dozing on the couch.



And this beautiful spread with glass of wine couldn’t possibly have taken me 2 minutes to prepare before said baby starts screaming the house down.

Of course not.

It’s Instagram worthy don’t you know!

With my beautiful bamboo table top from IKEA and Stanley Rodgers cutlery, this is how I dine every night of the week.

Only it’s not.

I’m actually pretty impressed I was able to whip up a scrummy dinner in 2 minutes flat with what I had in the fridge and with a quick swish of the hand my dining table looked clean and crisp when in reality it looked like this …

Instagram fail
I usually have a shake for dinner because otherwise I wouldn’t get a chance to eat with hubbby working long hours and me dealing with kidlets, but it’s been a bloody nightmare this arvo trying to kid wrangle and now that I’ve actually got bub to sleep there’s no chance in hell I would even consider using a blender!

This dinner was every bit the Insta worthy experience for a mother of 4 … quick, simple, delicious and looks a treat 🙂

Life isn’t picture perfect and you have to take the wins when you get them. I win because not only did I make a lovely looking dinner, I got to eat my yummy dinner, and even had time to write this post before the little cherub wakes up screaming!

Take those Instagram posts for what they are … a photoshopped version of people’s lives. You can always find a good angle in life, sometimes you just need to crop out the shitstorm surrounding the good bits 😉

Oh and #dessert

Strawberries and ice cream



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