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Winning Oz Lotto Numbers with 1 winning ticket for $70 million!
Winning Oz Lotto Numbers with 1 winning ticket for $70 million!

Last night Oz Lotto had a first division prize of a staggering $70 million (that’s 70,000,000,000!!!) and for a week had people all over Australia dreaming of what they would do if they won even a portion of that.

Well, it turns out that a single unregistered ticket took out the entire $70 million! The ticket was sold in Queensland and as yet no information a to whether the owner of that ticket is just one person or a syndicate. One thing is for sure … there will be an awful lot of people checking their tickets today!

So, it begs the question … What would you do if you won lotto?

Would you shout it from the roof tops? Would you tell only close family and friends? Would you pretend nothing ever happened and secret away the money until you had come to grips with the mammoth change your life just took?

One thing is for sure, if you won $70 million and got some sound financial advice then many future generations of your family would benefit, if you chose to give some to charity they would benefit, and if you were able to keep your head then your life would change in ways you could only have ever dreamed of – or not at all save for the massive amounts of 0’s on the end of your bank balance!

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