I Want To Blog But Don’t Know Where To Start!

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Have you ever wanted to write a blog but don’t know where to start? Want to blog but don’t have the time to invest in your own blog? Love writing or just have a story to tell? Want to test the waters without committing to a full time gig?

Have you considered writing for Broadcast Parenting?

My name is Deb and I am the founder of Broadcast Parenting. I taught myself to put together a website by watching Youtube videos and decided on using WordPress as a website base that suited my needs and is flexible enough for me to be able to add features and have Broadcast Parenting grow with me and my readers.

I started this journey with the vision of creating a space for anyone and everyone with kids in their lives to share their stories, thoughts and information. Everyone has a story to tell, sometimes they just need a place to tell it!

I currently have a number of contributors who share their thoughts and experiences when they can so there is no pressure on them to commit to scheduled submissions. I am more than happy to have YOU contribute too!

Some of my contributors choose to remain anonymous which is fine, their message gets across without impacting on their personal life. Others choose to submit an article in the hopes of gaining more exposure for their own venture.

I also wanted to have a section called Business Spotlight that sheds a light on small to medium businesses – who they are, why they started, and what they offer. I encourage any and all business owners to submit an article to this section to help spread the word about your awesome business!

If you have ever wanted to write a blog, or even just a single article then NOW is your chance! Please email your submission to admin@broadcastparenting.com.au or fill in the form on the Submit Your Article page. There is currently no cost to you to submit an article in any section you choose so why not give blogging a go … who knows you may love it and decide to either write for Broadcast Parenting on an ongoing basis or even bite the bullet and start your own blog!

You are welcome to submit images to be used with your article, I only ask that you own or have purchased copyright of both the images and text (ie; you write your own unique article). Feel free to ask any questions or just go ahead and jump right in!


Founder of Broadcast Parenting

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