I Love My iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum!

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iRobot Roomba 500 series robot vacuum

Dear Roomby,

You came into my life 4 years ago and saved my sanity when I felt the weight of my life pressing in on me. With 2 boys under 4 years and a brand new baby to care for my usual twice round the house with a regular vacuum each day was just too much for me.

The dog hair was piling up and hubbies late hours left me feeling defeated. Then you came into my life and like a breathe of fresh air you saved me!

You hummed a little tune as you burst to life then set off around my house to do your thing. Our dog was intrigued by your funny noise and patterned journey through the rooms, the boys followed you and giggled when you turned towards them then they ran excitedly away as if in a game of tag.

As I sat feeding my newest little baby I watched, mesmerised, as you weaved your way around the room and marvelled at how thorough a job you did picking up the dog hair and crumbs. You continued on until your little tune rang out and you told me politely “Please Charge Roomba”.

I know you came with an auto recharge station but with all those little hands attached to inquisitive boys I just couldn’t have something plugged in that they could get to. I think that worked out better for the both of us – you were able to keep going for much longer and I could charge you up when my little tykes were sleeping.

I couldn’t believe it when an entire week rolled round and I hadn’t used my non robot vacuum at all … I just didn’t feel the need to! I thought I better give the place a vacuum by hand and was happy to do that once a week going forward.

You made my life so much easier! You gave me more time, and reduced my stress. It’s safe to say that I truly love you!

I worked you to your rollers day in and day out and you never complained (except when you sometimes ran over a toy that was too big to be picked up but too small to make you change course) and again politely told me to “Please clean rollers and move Roomba to a new location”. I know you preferred it when all the toys were off the floor but you did a great job avoiding the obstacles anyway.

A couple months ago I noticed you were taking longer to do what you used to be able to do in a really short time. I realised I had neglected your rollers and you were due for a new pair but when I started looking into replacement parts I saw that there was a beautiful new upgrade kit that gave you a bigger bin, larger filter and would give you a new lease on life!

Whilst considering the cost of the upgrade kit my wandering eye saw a brand new complete robot vacuum (generic version) on Ebay for $259 that promised to be as good as you once were and I got so caught up in the shiny new curves, UV lamp and other promises that were given that I had already pressed “buy now” before I realised what I had done.

I was excited by my new purchase and I’m ashamed to say that I put you in the cupboard – out of sight out of mind.

How could I have been so stupid to have been blinded by this ‘new’ robot vacuum?

Even in your tired old state you still out performed this poor imitation of the original awesomeness that is you Roomby.

Like a Second Cousin who’s Uncle is his Grandpa, this fake, this fraud, bashed and banged his way around the house at a pathetic pace. He ruined the legs of chairs and even got stuck on a corner baseboard. You never would have been so disappointing – I’m sorry that I EVER doubted you!

With the refund I managed to extract from the seller I promptly ordered your iRobot AeroVac Upgrade Kit for Roomba 500 Series (White).

I’m sorry it took me this process to give you the makeover that you have more than earned.

It felt like forever before the upgrade kit arrived but it was only a little over a week all the way from the USA. Within 3 minutes of unwrapping your new parts you were off and Roomba-ing and I remembered how very much I love you!

But even better than that, you became even better than the first day I got you! With a bin twice as big and brand new brush rollers on board you now clean so well that you turn yourself off with a happy “twiddledee” because you have finished! And my floors including two super giant rugs look amazing!!!!

Thank you Roomby for being you!

I Love My Robot Vacuum!!!!!


I have owned a 500 Series iRobot Roomba for going on 4 years and I really do love it! We bought it, it wasn’t a gift so a lot of thought went into the purchase. When allowed to do it’s thing at least once every day my regular vacuuming is drastically reduced. I like to run round the house with my boring ‘traditional’ vacuum once a week just to get into the tight corners, lounges, beds etc but I’m happy to trust the daily stuff to my Roomba robot vacuum. Now that it has the upgrade kit is is honestly better than the day I bought it! I plan on buying the advanced cleaning head once these brushes wear themselves out. I won’t bother with a different brand again unless someone wants to give me one for free to compare with my old faithful Roomby – at which time I’d be happy to have a robot vacuum war forcing them to clean for my love.



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