How to dress in Queensland vs New Zealand

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While my kids and one of my cats are Queenslanders, I am from the deep south of New Zealand (the other cat is from New South Wales, but we love him anyway). Once, back in my misspent youth, I was spending the Uni holidays with my parents in Te Anau when it snowed a few days before Christmas. In contrast, my kids have never seen snow, and I’m not convinced that they actually believe in it. With the greatest of affection for my country of origin, here is a short guide to appropriate seasonal dressing in Queensland and New Zealand:


How to dress in Queensland vs New Zealand

Australia vs New Zealand weather



January: t-shirt/shorts.

February: t-shirt/shorts.

March: t-shirt/shorts.

April: t-shirt/shorts.

May: t-shirt/shorts.

June: t-shirt/jeans.

July: t-shirt/jeans.

August: t-shirt/jeans.

September: t-shirt/shorts.

October: t-shirt/shorts.

November: t-shirt/shorts.

December: t-shirt/shorts.


New Zealand

January: t-shirt/shorts/bring a jumper.

February: t-shirt/jeans/forget jumper and freeze.

March: t-shirt/jeans/jumper. Plan holiday to somewhere warm.

April: long sleeved top/jeans/jumper. Consider investing in a jumper with a hood.

May: long sleeved top/jeans/hooded jumper/large thermos of strong coffee.

June: thermal singlet/long sleeved top/jacket/jeans/hat/scarf/gloves/lace the coffee with whiskey.

July: just stay inside.

August: venture outside. Regret decision.

September: long sleeved top/jeans/jumper/scarf. Pretend it’s getting warmer.

October: thermal singlet/long sleeved top/jacket/long pants/hat/scarf/gloves. Ring the local meteorological service to glumly ask why it’s snowing in spring.

November: long sleeved top/jeans. Start marking the days until summer.

December: optimistically wear t-shirt/shorts. Get rained on.


Which do you prefer?



Octavia Orange

Octavia Orange

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