Homework Sucks!

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I hate homework because homework sucks

I hated it then and I hate it now … Homework Sucks!


I know there are those kids who love to get their homework done, or a least have learnt that it’s better to get it done early, but not my kids.


I feel like I’m repeating myself every single day then there is the mad rush on Sunday to have it completed accompanied with tears and resistance and the old catch cry of “there’s too much” or “it’s too hard”.


Yes sweetie, there is too much … for a Sunday night an hour before your bed time – but had you done just 10 minutes a day it would have been completed BEFORE the weekend.


Now, I know it’s not Sunday (yet) but seriously, this is every single freaking week!


Hubby has a way with the kids that gets them to do it in a flash but pestering him to pester them is just a little too much pestering for this little mummy.


And the truth of the matter is that I know exactly how they feel. I hated homework. EVERY SINGLE DAY. I despised it beyond words, and with all this talk of genetic predisposition of parental traits being encoded in their DNA it’s probably no wonder that they are the same – ok maybe not, the genetic link they found pertains to health … but still!


Some days I feel like it’s a giant cosmic joke being that I hated homework so much myself that I would be forced to deal with it for (wait, what’s 3 x 12?) 36 years – OMG … I have 36 cumulative years worth of homework to deal with.


Deep breaths. Calm blue oceans. Try to find a positive in this – there’s already 2 kids at school and we’re half way through the year so deducting time already served that leaves 32 cumulative years to go … sob 🙁


Think I’m going to take a panadol an lay down (all that math gave me a headache). I’d love to know how you deal with homework resistant children, or just feel free to gloat if you have a child who can’t get enough of it!



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