Games For long Car Journeys

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I recently took the kids on a road trip to Canberra (and back again!) for the school holidays. I wouldn’t be surprised to find the following list hidden somewhere in their possession!

A child’s guide to games for long car journeys:

1. “Count the road kill”.

2. “See how many rest areas we can get Mummy to stop at”.

3. “Whack a sibling with a colouring book”.

4. “How many playgrounds can we visit in one day?”.

5. “How many are-we-there-yets does it take to make Mummy mad?”.

6. “Watch Mummy argue with the GPS”.

7. “Who can lose the most colouring pencils under the seat?”.

8. “Who can cheer the loudest whenever a road train comes past?”.

9. “Ask Mummy the meaning of the names she is calling the GPS”.

10. “Who can generate the most mess from in-car snacks?”.

What are the most annoying things kids can do on long car trips? Comment below, or if you have your own funny story why not share it with us and get published on Broadcast Parenting as a contributor.

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Octavia Orange

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