Fundraising Ideas

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What are the best fundraising ideas you’ve come across? 

Be it a school function or a community event, there are lots of reasons people decide to start a fundraiser.

Have you ever run a fundraiser? Do you have any hints and tips?

Perhaps you’re on a P&C committee and have loads of experience?!

I’d love to know what types of fundraisers you’ve done that have been successful! Comment below and share your experiences 🙂

What have the highest earning events been?

And for those who haven’t actually organised an event, what type of fundraiser would you like to see?

A couple of us are throwing around fundraising ideas, one of which was an adult version of an end of year disco (but with no kids allowed 😉 ) with maybe an 80’s theme, raffle, sausage sizzle, and alcoholic beverages for purchase.

What’s your thoughts?

Best fundraising ideas
What was the BEST fundraiser or event you’ve ever attended and what did you love most about it? Oh and while we’re here you might as well share the fundraising fails too lol 😉 what are some pitfalls to avoid at all costs???



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