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Leanne Brown Free Cookbook Cheap and Good

Meet Leanne Brown, a food-studies scholar and avid home cook in NYC, by way of Canada, and now an author of a FREE  pdf cookbook aimed at those who receive SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program formerly known as food stamps).


Scroll down to see the links for the free pdf download of Leanne Brown Good and Cheap.


What Leanne has to say about eating well;

I think everyone should eat great food every day. Eating well means learning to cook. It means banishing the mindset that preparing daily meals is a huge chore or takes tremendous skill.

Cooking is easy — you just have to practice.


What an insightful and amazing young woman! It is so refreshing to see someone looking at the bigger picture and providing her books for free to all, whilst also giving those who can afford (or wish to add a hardcopy to their cooking library) the option to purchase her books. Follow the links below to get Leanne Brown’s Good and Cheap pdf for free as well as her From Scratch vegetarian cookbook (also free in the pdf version) for those new to cooking at home.


Good and Cheap is a collection of recipes for people with limited incomes, particularly those on a $4/day food stamps budget.

Download a PDF (free!) — alternate link

Pre-order a printed copy

Non-profits: apply for donations, or buy bulk for $4


Leanne’s first cookbook! From Scratch is a vegetarian cookbook intended for people just becoming comfortable in their own kitchens.

Download a PDF (free!) — alternate link

Buy a print copy ($27.50 — no profit)

Visit Leanne’s website for amazing recipes and updates on her KickStarter campaign and future endeavours.




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