Forbidden Topics In Kindy

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titanic and kids don't mix

So, I was cruising through my Facebook feed tonight and I came across a post by a friend that reads;

*Master 4* (name removed for privacy) has caused controversy at Kindy. He started talking to other kids about the Titanic. Kindy teachers then saw an opportunity to teach some history and get the kids to learn about it and paint pictures etc. Well, a couple of overprotective parents have complained to the Kindy and now the teachers have been told they are not allowed to talk about the Titanic anymore because people died !!!!! No wonder our kids are growing up with a skewed sense of reality. The teachers were not happy that their great idea was quashed as you can imagine. And those running the Kindy that issued the directive – very disappointing

Well … can you imagine the posts that people replied after? If you have the same thoughts as me then you would be aghast at the ridiculousness of such a ban and agree with those who commented to the same effect and the original poster!

I have previously written about my experience taking my young children to a funeral but that was a truly personal experience.

We certainly have spoken about death in the past and I can honestly say that it is a subject much easier discussed when there is not a loved one involved.

Why have we become a society of people so afraid of educating our children? There are many cultures where death is a subject that is so far from taboo … it is simply a part of life.

And it is!

The irony of this discussion is of course that the focus was NOT on the death of people, rather an historical event that, yes people perished, but there was also so much more to the story and the ship involved.

What are your thoughts on forbidden topics at kindy? Do you think those in charge made the right call in this situation or is this, as one comment on the original post stated, “OMG!!! More cotton wool!!!”

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Oh, and for those who would like some interesting facts about the Titanic to share with their kids you can go to this site



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