Flower Power Sensory Bin Ideas

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For parents with toddlers, sensory bins are nothing new. However coming up with new ideas is hard after a while. Here are some fun ideas for flower themed sensory bins:

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  • Play Garden Sensory Bin – Fill a bin with potting soil and let your tots create their own garden. Add a few fake worms, like the ones they sell as lures in the fishing department, some fake flowers and some tiny pots. You can even add plastic vegetables to harvest and plant a few beans or other fast growing seeds and have kids water the soil regularly to see what springs up.  Kid friendly gardening tools just add to the fun of this great outdoor sensory bin.


  • Flower Garden Sensory Bin – For another flower theme, fill the sensory bin with sand. Give your kids some fake flowers and have them create their own flower garden. Talk about grouping by colors or flower types. Add plastic bugs to talk about good bugs versus bad bugs.


  • Easter Grass Sensory Bin – The ubiquitous plastic or paper Easter grass for Easter baskets can also be used to create a fun themed sensory bin. Fill the bin with the colored grass and then add in some plastic eggs, bunny shapes, and other properly themed plastic toys. Give your child a few small cups or boxes to create their own Easter baskets or sort out the different shapes like bunnies, chicks, and eggs.


  • Butterfly Sensory Bin – Take apart a few leis or fake flowers and add some plastic or paper butterflies for a fun floral sensory bin. Have the kids sort out the butterflies by color or size and even sort out the colors of the flower petals.


  • Rainbow Flowers Sensory Bin – As the basis for this sensory bin, color rice in flower colors. It is easy. All you need is to add a little white vinegar and food coloring to the rice and mix until colored. Let dry before playing. Add some fake flowers of the same colors, some small plastic vases, and some scoops. Small ice cube trays or other containers make for fun fill and pour action.


  • Cotton Balls and Easter Grass Sensory Bin – Hide plastic Easter eggs in a bin full of cotton balls and Easter grass. Have kids dig them out and count how many they can find. A great preparation for the Easter egg hunts!


  • Fairies and Flowers Sensory Bin – If your child has fairy toys, like Tinker Bell and friends, then this is super easy. But even if they don’t you can use clothes pins and add some fabric skirts and paper wings to create your own fairies. Add in small fake flowers, erasers shaped like flowers, flower shaped beads, colorful stones, and more. The kids can create color combinations to accent their fairies, mini fairy gardens, or even flower beds for their fairies to rest on.


  • Birds Nest and Flowers Sensory Bin – A simple sensory bin can be made of bird seed, twigs or hay, a fake bird, and a few flowers. Have your child create a nest for the bird out of the twigs or hay and provide some cooping and filling toys to let them play with the bird seed. They can ‘feed’ the bird, make a pretty nest for it, or talk about where birds live and how they lay eggs.


  • Create Your Own Flowers Sensory Bin – Using beans as ‘dirt’ have your kids create their own flowers. Green pipe cleaners and straws make for great stems and you can use the tops of artificial flowers or cut out flower shapes from paper and punch a hole through the center. Have kids mix and match colors and plant their new creations.


  • Pasta Flowers Sensory Bin – Dye some fun shaped pasta in flower colors and let kids get to work digging and filling cups with the pasta. Add in come fun Easter eggs to fill and close for musical shakers, and get some plastic cookie cutters or silicon muffin tins in flower shapes to fill in for flower fun.


  • Real Flowers Sensory Bin – If you have a garden or wildflowers growing nearby this is a simple and free activity for your child. Venture outside to collect the flowers and then bring them indoors to dissect them in this sensory bin activity. Kids can use tweezers and magnifying glasses to examine the flowers as they pull them apart. Then they can play with the flower parts and feel the differences between the soft petals and the hard stems. If you cannot pick your own flowers you can always buy slightly wilted flowers on sale at the grocery store or florist. They may even give you some for free if you ask.


  • Play Dough and Flowers Sensory Bin – Combining the kid favorite of playdough with flowers is a great idea. Homemade playdough makes this super affordable too. Fake or dried flowers plus playdough and a flower cookie cutter or mold gives kids plenty to do. They can create a mini garden or a flower bouquet with the playdough. Or they can add new playdough flowers to their garden for a fun collection of flower shapes.


  • Water and Flowers Sensory Bin – A great outdoor sensory bin activity with water, have kids collect all the dandelions in your yard and see which parts float. You can also test fake flowers and use craft foam to make floating lily pads and lotus flowers to add to the experience as well. Try floating leaves, stems, petals and more. See what happens when flowers get wet. Kids can have a lot of fun cooling off in the heat with this sensory bin. Add some frogs and rubber ducks for extra fun. You can also cut out floating flowers from those foam pool tubes that add a fun element.
Source: Flickr @emmacraig1
Source: Flickr @emmacraig1
  • Water Bead Planting Sensory Bin – Colorful water beads are always a hit in sensory bins. Add some small pots and some fake flowers and you have a hit. Kids can fill pots to create their own garden. You can also add in plastic bugs or other fun toys to create whole worlds of squishy water bead fun.


  • Flower button Sensory Bin – If you take a look around there are all kinds of flower shapes. One fun idea is to get plastic flower buttons or make your own out of felt or paper. A simple flower shape cut out with a hole in the center makes for fun play time. Fill a bin with the soft and hard buttons and let kids sort, stack and dig through them. Then give them some yard to thread the flower buttons into necklaces and banners.


As you can see, there are many great sensory bin ideas that are focused on flowers and are great fun for kids. Try some of these ideas out to celebrate the beauty of nature with your children!


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