Find Time To Have Fun

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Time … it’s the one thing in this life that, no matter how much money or how much success you have, can never be replaced.

Life is so busy that you can often find yourself doing all the things you HAVE to do and never quite getting around to doing all the things you WANT to do. Recently I was nominated by a friend to do the ‘grateful challenge’. 7 days of 3 things that you are grateful for.

As I was doing my daily post to Facebook about the 3 things I was grateful for I realised all of them were about what made me happy, content and blessed in this life! None of them were boring chore based stuff.

What it made me realise is that those precious moments spent with family and friends are far more valuable and offer me so much more gratitude than any ‘To Do’ list completed. I realised the most meaningful things in my life are right in front of me if I choose to acknowledge them and really live in the moment!

Just this weekend I spent an entire day at a convention listening to some of Australia’s biggest names in business, it was an exciting day for me because learning and conversing with industry leaders is my kind of fun for my own personal development. By me taking the time to follow my path and expand my knowledge it also meant that my husband was able to spend a full day with the boys having some super quality daddy/son fun! They had a morning tea to attend then went fishing and had afternoon tea by the waterfront. As I was home later in the evening they even went out for dinner! On the Sunday we all travelled down to the Gold Coast to see the the kids Nanna Rose who was up from interstate. An entire day of fun followed … swimming, playing, yummy food, ice-cream, a play at the park, and even a ride on the Super Duck truck that converts to a boat. This weekend was truly magical for our family because we found the fun in every moment!

have fun

It is your duty to find time to have fun every single day! You don’t need to have a massive weekend, or even spend lots of money. Go for a walk, step out in the evening and watch for shooting stars, build sand castles at the beach, hunt through your garden for 4 leaf clovers and make a wish, play hide and seek, paint something, get dirty in the mud, jump in puddles, camp out in the living room, or even take turns telling stories. What ever it is that you do make sure that you make it fun! Got to do the laundry? Turn some music on and belt out a tune or shake your booty to the rhythm.

Your idea and my idea of fun may very well be completely different, but if it is fun for you then you are inviting positivity into your life and your time will be well spent. As the saying goes “Time Waits For No Man”, make every day count and find the fun in every day!




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