What Is Your Dream Job?

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"Yes! I think I'd like to be a Butterfly when I grow up"
“Yes! I think I’d like to be a Butterfly when I grow up”










Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to jump into your dream job and know that you are not only able to pay the bills, but also doing what you love and truly enjoy?!


I’ve noticed recently that every other person I speak to is either considering changing jobs, heading back to work after being a stay at home parent, or even just considering studying to reach for their dream job.


Unfortunately we all have expenses so having the option of a career change is not always possible or practical and often it is the practicalities that guides us to choose the work that we do or the positions we apply for.


This got me thinking … “What is your dream job?”


What if money was not an issue?

What if working around your kids schedules was not an issue?

What if living anywhere in the World to do your dream job was not an issue?


Once upon a time before kids and partners we all had big dreams … and life gets in the way. Our dreams change – and that’s ok, I wouldn’t change my family for anything (you probably wouldn’t either)!




What if we could have our dream job? What would you be doing if you could have it all?


So tell me … What is your dream job?



Broadcast Parenting

Broadcast Parenting

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