Dear ‘Feminine Hygiene’ Manufacturers

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feminine_productsThis is an open letter to the many, many, many ‘feminine hygiene’ manufacturers and marketing geniuses out there who bring much needed and much valued essential items to a grocery/department/chemist/ store near most women in the world.


PLEASE … for the love of what ever you hold dear … STOP CHANGING THE DAMN PACKAGING!


It’s bad enough that we have to deal with Aunt Flow on a monthly basis … but having to spend 20 minutes of my life staring at a sea of bright, popping, inspirational colours makes me want to stomp my feet, fling myself on the ground and have an epic tantrum that would put a 3 year old to shame.


Do you not realise you have a captured market?


It really doesn’t take that long for a woman to decide on a preferred brand, and here’s a hint … it has NOTHING to do with the pretty artwork on the box. It really is what’s inside that counts!


Sure, your products need to appeal to a new generation of captured consumers, but seriously … JUST STOP!


Ok, rant over.



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