Dear Bill Shorten

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Dear Bill Shorten … I don’t want to live in a socialist society where I teach my kids to never strive for greatness! Sure, let’s tax the crap out of people who’ve worked their ass off to earn a ‘high’ income … because of course every person who earns a good wage got handed it on a silver plater 🙁 

No Mr Shorten … you are wrong! Perhaps that is your experience and you would like to see Australia go the way of countries like Russia and China but let’s be frank … if you decide to change the landscape of Australia and tax the shit out of hard working citizens what do you think is going to happen??? I’ll tell you … they are going to stop working and take a hand out!!! And then where will you be? How will you cover the costs of a welfare state when there is ZERO incentive for hard workers to work harder? 

We should be encouraging our next generation to strive for a ‘high’ income so they can aid the underprivileged rather than show them their efforts mean nothing and they are only worth those on a base salary (nothing wrong with a base salary, I’ve cleaned enough toilets in my life to know that!) I don’t want a socialist country. You sir are wrong!

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I posted this as a Facebook status and I feel it needs to be heard!



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