Dads Are Awesome

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Best dadMy children have the best dad in the world! Ok, so maybe I’m biased but to my kids and myself they truly have the best dad in the world.


I have known for months that every morning my kids race downstairs as their dad leaves for work then back up and into the bedroom to wave goodbye as he drives out of the driveway, then race to the other end of the house to watch him travel down the road out of sight.


What I didn’t know until the other day is that they race downstairs to grab a few crystals or semi-precious gems off my tray of pretty things near the door and give them to their dad. Then the kids race back upstairs to the window in their bedroom. I was curious one day so I walked into their room to find them giggling and clapping their hands. I looked out the window their dad was sitting in his car doing magic tricks with the crystals and gems.


One of our children had given his dad a crystal one day and said to him “you have to give this back to me before I go to bed tonight” – it had been a long few weeks of early starts and late finishes for their dad and they missed him. Apparently this became a bit of a ritual but as work hours got later and later their dad ended up having quite a collection of crystals and gems still in his car from the days before.


My husband explained that one morning the kids looked sad waving at the window and his guilt at the long hours was building so he just grabbed the crystals and gems in the car and performed a simple disappearing/reappearing trick. They loved it, and he loved that moment with them.


So now the kids race down stairs to give him his crystals and gems, and race back up to watch their very own magic show each and every day!


Dads are awesome!


Do you or your partner have a ritual with the kids that is special? Comment below or share on hour Facebook page.







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