Cheap Ideas For School Holiday Fun

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I was going to write a great post on some cheap ideas for school holiday fun, but I realised that you (like me) have very little time to sit down and read a long winded article about fun activities for kids.


So along with writing about cheap ideas for kids that are fun, I’ve compiled a few awesome videos that cover everything I was going to write so you now no longer have to read too much. Just hit play and continue with your baking/cleaning/working/playing/adjudicating arguments etc.


This first video explains how you can both save money and have a great time during your next school holidays. Tammy May (owner of MyBudget) offers great tips and suggestions such as sourcing deals online, and ensuring that you keep activities simple and fun in order to keep the bank intact. School holidays are such an exciting time of the year -they provide a break from the weekly routine of schooling and a chance to engage in far more quality family time than normal. For most, the break of routine opens up the door to a wide range of activities and events that wouldn’t ordinarily be possible during the school week. The challenge for many of us however, is the price tag this exciting change in routine also tends to carry.

Ignore the Easter message … these ideas are applicable to any school holiday!


Discover two exciting winter activities to enjoy with kids, inspired by the book Creative IQ: Giving Young Learners the Creative Edge in a Competitive World, featuring the authors Jo-Anne Schneeweiss and Shelley Sefton.


I like the following video with holiday ideas as it was made by a child … one of the ideas is to make a video and put it on YouTube … although I would suggest turning off the comment feature if you are uploading videos on Youtube to avoid the online trolls!


Or if your kids are still on the Loom Band craze then this 45 minute tutorial will surely keep the kids occupied attempting a zebra/horse/pony.

Inspired by Joni Olson’s Tinkering ( this Rainbow Loom Action Figure design can be easily modified to make a zebra, horse or pony. A fun and easy craft tutorial using rubber bands. The loom is set in the staggered layout — so you can use a Rainbow Loom, CraZLoom, Wonderloom, Bandaloom, Fun Loom or other brands as well. Copyright © 2014 Made by Mommy

I use 6/0 seed beads for the eyes, but you can use a rubber band instead if you don’t have beads. See this tutorial for how to make eyes out of rubber bands:…

Chart available at Made By Mommy

Love making unicorns? Here is a Unicorn Pencil Hugger made on the Rainbow Loom:


Our favourite activities for the holidays are (in no particular order)

  • Park rotation – checking out a new playground every day
  • Going to Bunnings to get a plant or seeds to add to the garden – plus they have a cool playground and mini trollies for the kids.
  • Entering colouring in competitions from local shops
  • Baking muffins
  • Library visits – borrowing books, listening to music, joining in the activities and looking at the Encyclopaedias (so much cool info, the kids really get into looking at the pictures and wanting to find out more about them).

So, what are your favourite cheap ideas for school holiday fun?



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  • July 2, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    Love reading/viewing your articles.
    Many great ideas as well as reminders of forgotten possibilities!


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