Booking Accommodation

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You’ve decided that your holiday can’t wait and have spent countless hours looking at websites, travel books, blogs, vlogs and reviews of where to stay and what to do on your visit to your chosen destination!

You’ve likely come across hundreds of websites promising huge discounts but when you go to book you find the dates are outside when you want to travel or they are all sold out for the great offer. Well done if you do manage to get a discounted package, but if you can’t find one that suits your requirements then perhaps a few suggestions might make the the process all the easier.

If you book early enough you may be able to secure a great deal on a holiday but if it is a last minute trip or in a peak travel period you may have to cast your net a little further when looking for accommodation.

Most accommodation is expensive if you want location, comfort or luxury, unless you know where to start. Following are some tips that could help make your accommodation booking a simple and pleasurable experience so you can spend your time getting excited and short listing places to see and things to do!

If you are content staying at an establishment that provides a bed and bathroom (albeit shared) for a relatively low price then you can find many a hostel that provide the basic amenities keeping your hard earned dollars in your pocket for experiences and tantalizing cuisine during your stay.

If sharing a bathroom were not your style then perhaps you should consider booking an apartment rather than a hostel. There are many options available for short or long stays residing in your preferred location. Prices have a varying range so having an idea of the area you would like to stay is preferable. At you can find apartments all over the world. The beauty of staying at an apartment is that you get a much larger space and the prices generally are per night, not per person. Additionally, often you’ll find extra bedding available providing for larger families or travel groups.

Would you would like to divide your finances and stay at more of a comfortable establishment with additional facilities and an easily accessible location for exploring? Staying at a hotel will provide some creature comforts you cannot get elsewhere. When considering hotels first search websites like or then go directly to the official hotel website and do a search for room prices on your preferred dates, then a second search for a date within 2 weeks of now – by doing this you can see if a hotel offers a discount for an early bird or last minute booking.. Some hotels around the world offer up to 50% or more off the public rate if booked directly with them super early or a week or two before you depart. Of course, booking accommodation last minute is a risky thing unless you have a few hotels short-listed and don’t mind going with your second or third preference if they book out.

Perhaps you’ve considered all the other accommodation styles and now find yourself throwing caution to the wind and reasoning that this will be a once in a lifetime trip that warrants staying in only the finest hotel no matter the cost? Again, booking directly with the hotel either well in advance or at the last minute will likely provide you with discounted options. For ideas of pure luxury accommodation search the Small Luxury Hotels Of The World website or The Leading Hotels Of The World website . Both offer discounted rates, but even still, be prepared to work your credit card when booking this kind of luxury!

Now your have your accommodation sorted, spend your time dreaming of the adventures and experiences you are sure to have on your next holiday!



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