Bo and Yana Teaching Kids To Code By Play-i

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Meet Bo and Yana the delightful robots for children to program – brought to life by Play-i


This is the most fantastic innovation I’ve seen for encouraging children to learn to code and understand the basics behind the technology we take for granted in our every day lives. A multi faceted toy, Bo and Yana not only provide a creative outlet for little thinking minds but also give control to the user by programming (coding) in what you want them to do.

I’ve long thought that coding should be introduced into both primary and higher school curriculums to encourage an interest in the programmable working of the technology we use every day. Students should be encouraged to understand what coding is and how it is used as well as engaging an understanding of technological languages and computer science. Learning to write code has far more value than learning a second verbal language in my opinion.

It’s time to embrace the future and open a world of possibilities for tomorrow’s thinkers and doers!

To find out more information about Play-i’s progress and to preorder you very own Bo and Yana directly from Play-i click here. Play-i is a startup in Silicon Valley that is making computer programming fun for kids ages five and up. They’re creating a robot that teaches the logic behind programming in a hands-on, experiential way!



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