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I remember 3 years ago when we got our first school stationary list for our oldest child and the total price came in at over $120 for items such as glitter, glue, tissues and reams of paper, pencils, books etc. I remember thinking at the time “If this is what they expect us to pay for their first year of school on stationary then how much is it going to cost once they get to high school?!”

Now that we have 2 at school the combined cost of back to school stationary lists has hit over $250. Whilst this amount of money spaced out over a year is minimal, receiving a book list on the last week of term and expected to foot the money straight up to ensure delivery prior to the back to school dates is a bit of a tall order.

The local news-agency has an agreement with the school so that ordering details specify how to buy the list of items through them, but I can’t help but think it would be much more efficient if the school just did a bulk order and set the cost of stationary for the parents to pay. I guess this creates a huge amount of admin work and the rest, but really it does annoy me that you can’t just go and buy the items from Big W, Kmart or Target as most of the items are not standard stock for chains and needs to be ordered in.

This year I thought I had it covered being that I had put away some money to cater to the back to school spending blitz but a massive bill shock of an electricity bill in early December used up all the money I’d earmarked to pay for the back to school stuff. Being a single income family and paid once a month means often the December pay is the hardest to manage. With 2 birthdays that fall in December plus Christmas, then having not only the stationary lists to contend with but also uniforms and shoes to buy that January pay date couldn’t come soon enough!

With a week and a half until it really is back to school for the kids and our January pay having finally come through I guess it’s time to shake off the shock and get the kids sorted!

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