Beginning A New Chapter

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The beginning of a new chapter of my life starts today!

Today my youngest child started kindy meaning that my working hours have (finally) reduced!!!

Yep that’s right … my hours have been reduced as a full time stay at home mother. And whilst I don’t have any less work to do I actually have some child free time for the first time in my parenting journey. This means that I can now reallocate my midnight working from home hours to a more sensible 10am – 2pm kind of situation, even if just for 5 days each fortnight.

Perhaps if I can contain my working hours (mostly) to those precious child free blocks then I can stress less, sleep more and generally be a much more happy and organised person.

This morning I got ready as if going to work in an office (hair, makeup, ironed clothes – the whole shebang), dropped my darlings off for their first day of a new school year and kindy then found myself sitting in my car, rain pouring down and realised I forgot to decide where I was going to go to ‘work’.

Being that I had planned on only needing the laptop and an internet connection today as well as an endless supply of coffee, I had the slight oversight of not deciding before-hand what café I was going to make my ‘office’ for the day.

I’d had dreams of it being a waterfront café with free wifi, great coffee and a big open window over looking the water. With the rain pouring down and the wind picking up I ended up inside a big shopping centre with a lovely view of passing shopping trollies and over tired kids who’s poor parents were just trying to ‘grab one more thing’.

work from cafe

But it’s ok because I did come prepared with my headphones. So there I sat, working away with my headphones in, listening to the album My Head Is an Animal – “Of Monsters and Men”, hot coffee in a mug and a great bruschetta to munch on. Suddenly the world has disappeared around me and I had an amazing sense of self.

This is my time, and although I’m far from sitting by the water on a bright sunny day, I am using it exactly how I want to! I might not be able to afford to keep up the cafe office for long but I sure intend to make the most of it for at least a couple of weeks to get myself into a great rhythm by keeping work and home at least a little separated.

I think this is a pretty great start to the next chapter of the rest of my life!



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