Australian Ninja Warrior On Too Late

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Dear Channel 9,

Australian Ninja Warrior is an awesome show and I love watching it with my kids. It’s nice to have a show that has no sex and no violence that we can enjoy as a family.

Australian Ninja Warrior

It’s currently 9:02pm on a Monday night and Australian Ninja Warrior is still on and I’m fighting with my kids to make them go to bed.

I realise my kids bedtime is not your problem but as far as ratings go you should care if we choose to watch or not.

This is a great show and I love watching it with my kids, but to still be going after 9pm on a weeknight (and a school night up here in QLD) is just a stretch.

Anyhoo, just thought I’d put my 2 cents in. It’d be great if you could put Australian Ninja Warrior on earlier or do some workaround so it didn’t finish so late.

Thanks 🙂



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