Appreciating Customers

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In such a fast paced world it’s hard to find time to fit everything in … case in point my car service. I rang the service centre yesterday and asked if there was any chance of getting in this week to which they were able to get me in today.

Whilst I wasn’t able to get the curtesy car as it was short notice and all available cars were already booked to others far more organised than myself, I decided that rather than race around for a couple of hours I would take my work with me and just stay put.

Not only was it a comfortable waiting room, they also provided cold filtered water, tea, coffee and a lovely space for me to focus on work.

As I sat there tapping away on my iPad it didn’t take long to realise what a lovely environment the office staff had. All the employees were extremely courteous and answered every call with a smile, they spoke nicely to every person they had contact with either over the phone or in person, and there was a really positive atmosphere at the centre.

At one point I overheard two of the staff having a conversation about the customer satisfaction review statistics that had just been sent through (after each visit customers are sent a satisfaction survey and often a call to see if there was anything more they could do or any queries that customers had regarding their service). The rating had been 95.6% of customers were satisfied or above with the service. They then started to talk about how they could get that to 100% satisfaction!


These lovely people really care about their job. They really care about providing the best service to their customers, and their employers should feel very proud and blessed to have such a great team of people running their business!

It's the little thingsWhen my car had been finished I went to pay and was presented with a beautiful flower with ribbon and all “just to make my day pretty”, and not only that but they also washed the outside of my car so that it was sparkly and clean!

With so much positivity in that environment and such efficient and caring support from staff as well as a genuine appreciation for their customers, I’m honesty surprised they didn’t get the 100% on the customer satisfaction survey.

It really is the nice gestures that make such a difference in how we perceive our experiences in life. Having a comfortable place to wait, a genuine and happy team of workers, tea and coffee facilities, and lets not forget a clean car and pretty pink flower, they certainly have made what was a bit of a chore so much more pleasant!

Have you ever had exceptional customer service from a business?



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