A Day In The Life Of Octavia Orange

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Saturday morning, early:

Rosie comes running past, shrieking and laughing, wearing gumboots, a Hello Kitty dress and a tiara. She is pursued closely by Billy, who is wearing blue and pink cat print pyjamas, waving a hobby horse at her and shouting “YOUR DONKEY! YOUR DONKEY!”. Sam mutters something mysterious about a water cannon, then disappears into the backyard.

So just another typical day then….

Donkey day



Octavia Orange

Octavia Orange

I’m a solo Mum to Sam (6), Rose (4) and Billy (3) (all little humans) as well as Harry and Millicent (cats). I’m also happily working on a Criminology and Criminal Justice degree and pursuing my life goal of becoming a Crazy Cat Lady. What I lack in sleep and free time I try to make up for in enthusiasm!

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